Event Photography Services Provided
Southlands Ventures Inc., provides scalable "on-location," on-ground or aerial (photo or video)
Event Photography and immediate On-Site printing of  "commercial-lab quality photo's" (in most
popular print sizes)
in 30 seconds or less.  Our solutions can be funded completely by you as
sponsor, planned as a "
fund-raiser," or merely paid for by guests.  Please contact us to schedule
a no-obligation meeting to discuss how
Southlands Ventures can enhance and improve your
upcoming event.
Event Photography and
immediate On-Site Printing Services
Specific Services Include:

  • Mall Seasonal Events for Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny
    include affordable photo packages, which bring new "First-
    Time" guests to your commercial location.  We deploy various
    "Gorilla Marketing" techniques such as GROUPON, Living
    Social and other value-pricing techniques to build Mall traffic.  
    Our scalable system is customized for the guest volume at your
    location.  Our professional photographers processes the
    children quickly and effectively.  We collect guest contact
    information too so we can help create more future traffic.

  • Golf Tournaments or Western Rodeos  - We flexibility offer our
    services to these markets in a number of different financial
    formats.  The organization may sponsor a certain number of
    photos or we can offer prints directly to participants.  Internet or
    Cellular Access is necessary to process Credit/Debit cards.

  • Dance Studio Recitals - Our fast and portable equipment can
    achieve "Same-Day" completion of not only dance team and
    student photography but also delivery of all popular sized prints.  
    Internet or Cellular Access is necessary to process Credit/Debit

  • Youth Sports Team Photography - Our technology enables us to
    immediately print 5 x 7 and wallet size "commercial-lab quality"
    photos of sports team members on Picture Day.  Other photo
    related products may be ordered for home delivery.

  • Corporate, Country Club or High School Prom Events -  Our
    powerful Intuit "Point-of-Sale" software allows us to accurately
    share photo-sales revenues with sponsoring organizations.  We
    seek your advice to assure that affordable, fast selling photo
    packages are offered.

  • WEDDINGS - In addition to traditional  Wedding Photography, we
    can achieve more than simple "Photo-Booth" wallet-sized "snap-
    shots."  Our on-site portrait service includes 8 x 10, 5 x 7 and
    wallet size, "commercial-lab quality" prints.
Action-filled youth sports photos
Mutton Bustin' at the Rodeo
On-site photo printing can be done at corporate or wedding events.
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